Unnecessary Sentience Final Week on Kickstarter!

2014-08-24 06:39:22 by joemcr

The Unnecessary Sentience Kickstarter campaign is into its final week now... and it's not looking good! Despite some great press (herehere and here), a lot of positive feedback for the demo game (thanks to all you voters and commenters!) and a celebrity backer (Tom-frickin-Fulp has backed the project!) we have only reach ~60% of the goal.

This makes me sad :'-(

So, If you like the game so far, please head over to kickstarter NOW(!) and back the project.


Just £5 gets you a copy of the final game, as well as an exclusive insight into the game making process, with backer updates and polls and demos and other great stuff I haven't even thought of yet (probably).

Thanks for your support so far,



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